Jun. 3, 2017

President Trump pulls us out of Paris Climate Boondoggle!

97 Articles Refuting The "97% Consensus" | Climate Change Dispatch

NOTE: Visit the link above after you read my comments and spend some time educating yourself.

So sad to recognize that even when alarmist claims are debunked, skewed data exposed, and dire predictions of rising sea levels, and disappearing polar bears failing to materialize, there are still those who are determined to believe in "catastrophic man-made climate change (formerly global warming). They have bought into all the lies and hype produced by those who stand to profit mightily by sucking the teat of research dollars from the stupid governments of the world, allegedly searching for a way or ways to stop/minimize the 'disastrous' events that are predicted to occur because of preventable climate change. I wonder how many of those dollars get siphoned off by the politicos who approve the grants that fuel this nonsense, let alone the 'researchers' and 'climate evangelists' (think Al Gore) who gleefully take the money thrown at them. No wonder they fight so hard to deny the truth and marginalize those who recognize it. No wonder many real scientists confess to their closest friends that they are forced to 'go along or be ejected from the fraternity of fellow scientists and any hope of grant monies'. The 97 articles above just proves how desperate they are to make the world believe in AGW.  These aren't the first misrepresentations and skewing of data that has come down the pike either. Some folks just seem to need a crises to fight. As if we didn't already have enough REAL threats to our survival to deal with.  President Trump understands all this, all too well.  He did what he promised to do, and wisely so. I think he is wise to remain silent on whether he thinks man-made, catastrophic climate change is a HOAX.  No possible good could come of such a direct confrontation.  The left is drooling at the molars to tear him to shreds if he takes that stand.  No need. He got us out in a most diplomatic fashion without the viscious dog-fight that would have insued with a direct confrontation over the validity of what we all know is a HOAX! Godspeed, Mr. President! Forward HO!

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